Innovative Government? You’d be surprised. In conversation with Chad Hartnell.

January 30, 2018

Chad Hartnell is Director of Operations at the Impact and Innovation Unit, Privy Council Office of the Government of Canada. Hartnell's thinking on the subject of public / private partnership, co-design and reducing the barriers between government and business innovation is exciting and fresh. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Hartnell, and learn what the future may hold for innovative companies looking for new challenges. 

As a bonus, Hartnell invited interested listeners to correspond with the IIU via  Twitter.

“Almost every city is doing something right - but none are getting it all right” - In conversation with Todd Litman.

November 28, 2017

Todd Litman is Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, and a champion of the South Island Prosperity Project. In conjunction with SIPP's Smart South Island symposium, we sat down to chat about things like multi-modal transportation, the latest and greatest ideas from around the public transportation world, and (my personal favorite) why self-driving cars aren't the slam dunk everyone purports them to be. Enjoy the lively conversation!

“Collaboration is key to our Smart Region” - In conversation with Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and Saanich Councillor Fred Haynes

November 28, 2017

Mayor Helps and Councillor Haynes are passionate advocates of economic prosperity through collaboration. They're also champions of the South Island Prosperity Project. In this conversation, Helps and Haynes chat about the importance of prosperity for the entire South Island, the barriers that need to be overcome, how indigenous culture can be used to enhance our collaborative output, and - the topic on everyone's mind - how to apply the Smart Cities concept to our entire South Island region.  

“Ideas for better housing shouldn’t just come from government” - In conversation with CityHive’s Veronika Bylicki

November 28, 2017

Veronika Bylicki was one of the guests at our recent Smart South Island symposium. An entrepreneur and 'sustainable space' advocate, Bylicki's CityHive has driven several initiatives to bring innovative housing solutions to her city. In this interview, we have a lively conversation about her 'a-ha' moment, the 30 Network, and the direction of housing for the future. Enjoy!

“All of us are greater than any of us.” In conversation with Coastal Community Credit Union’s Joe Cristiano.

June 6, 2017

Coastal Community Credit Union is a founding member of the South Island Prosperity Project. As the Credit Union's Chief Community and Marketing Officer Joe Cristiano says, there's no coincidence. Coastal Community has seen its unique, mission-driven business flourish on Vancouver Island, becoming one of the largest institutions of its kind in BC and joining the top 10% in Canada. 

So how has working with the South Island Prosperity Project helped Coastal Community? And what does Cristiano see in the future? Join our conversation on everything from real-estate prices to video ATM's. 

Innovation, creativity, ROI and prosperity - what’s the connection?

June 2, 2017

The link between innovation, creativity, ROI and prosperity can't be denied. But can you quantify it? Angele Beausoleil's passion is making the connection, and proving that creativity pays. She's a lecturer of innovation and entrepreneurship at UBC (University of British Columbia) and the data scientist in residence at Creative BC. We had a lively conversation on everything from pioneering work on cultural creativity to the South Island's surprisingly high rank on the North American Preliminary Creativity Index. Enjoy!

How do you measure prosperity? In conversation with Karen King.

May 19, 2017

Karen King is a research scientist at Rotman School of Management's Martin Prosperity Institute. Her speciality is digging beyond obvious indicators of wealth and well-being - the GDP, for example - to help us understand how our cities and regions are doing when it comes to less tangible, but equally important measures.

We had a lively conversation that revealed not only a host of indicators of prosperity, but the importance of understanding what data can, and can't reveal. 

A culture of economic collaboration: in conversation with Songhees Nation’s Christina Clarke

April 6, 2017

Christina Clarke is the Executive Director of the Songhees Nation, whose territorial homeland is the South Island Region. She's been serving the Nation for four years in her current position, and a further 22 years in other professional capacities. 

The Songhees Nation was among the first members of the South Island Prosperity Project. In speaking with Clarke, we began to understand how South Island's mandate for collaborative economic growth aligned perfectly with the Songhees' culture of 'creating a larger economic pie and enriching everyone together.'

In our conversation, we discussed the Songhees' philosophy toward business, reinvesting in youth, and how their innovative Wellness Centre has ushered in a new era of economic growth. 

Driving innovation: in conversation with Wilson’s Transportation’s John Wilson.

March 8, 2017

Wilson’s Transportation is an icon of the South Island region. Established in 1962 as a Salt Spring Island general delivery service, Wilson’s has grown to become the largest motor coach and transport company on Vancouver Island. The company is also a proud member of the South Island Prosperity Project.

 We sat down with company head (and son of founder William Wilson) John Wilson to chat about company history, the dynamics of running a successful family business, and the future of transportation in the South Island region.

How thoughtful transportation builds happier cities: in conversation with Charles Montgomery.

March 6, 2017

Charles Montgomery is a leading expert on building ‘happy cities’, and consults around the world helping municipalities plan and execute better places to live and work. He’s also an award-winning author, and speaks prolifically on the subject.

A few months ago, we had a conversation with Montgomery on how affordability impacts the happiness of city residents. Today, we’re digging into a thorny issue that is front and centre (not to mention in the headlines) with planners: what transportation strategies will provide the most citizens with the most happiness?